Boise Holidays With Family

Today, I was thinking about individuals who are not enjoying this Labor Day with family on a vacation or recreation. It brings to mind persons in many situations that repeat for Thanksgiving Holiday, Christmas Holiday, New Years Eve Holiday, New Years Day Holiday and even your own Birthday, which should be YOUR Holiday!

Some persons don’t have family, except for themselves on this holiday and upcoming holidays.

Some persons cannot get to the family they do have.

Some persons are living with family members who are mean, angry or violent.

Some persons are feeling excruciating inner pain because their loved one is alive but far away in another world — Alzheimers, drugs, dementias.

Some persons are widows, widowers or divorced.

Some persons are at work — being helpful to everyone and making our days better for all  –but they are not able to be with their own families.

All these persons have a common suffering. The temptation to depression over being alone from family — a family that loves you with a “healthy” love which makes you function whole, sound, and able to love others into wholeness.

Be encouraged by the written Words of God, Himself.

God loves us and — for our own mental and emotional health — He commands us a unique attitude given to Him — “be ye thankful in all things”.

(1 Thessalonians 5:18 – King James Version)

This means to be thankful in ALL situations! Surprise yourself with how much better you can feel, even while grieving, when you take power and control through finding something to be thankful for. You may not be jumping up and down with joy — but you won’t be uncontrollably depressed either.

Minister Clark


We can ALWAYS FIND “SOMETHING” to thank God for.

Thank Him for His mercies …  that when we have abused him, daily, with awful sins that hurt Him and people (Romans 1, Galatians 5), He still chooses to give us exquisite, gorgeous days like today in His beautiful Idaho!

Thank Him for abilities to do fun things, with or without money, with or without all physical health.

Thank Him, if you have lost a loved one, for the kindness of giving you a season in life when your heart GREW through interaction with that person. You experienced just a measure of what it can feel like to care about someone outside of yourself.

Certainly, thank Him for being kind to let you have that person at all — whether for a short or long period of time before the loss. Would you rather have never known them?

Thank Him, if you’re suffering through some awful mental, emotional, physical, financial or family pain — that it isn’t worse than it is! Believe me, even grieving over the death of a loved one …  it CAN ALWAYS be worse.

For some, thank Him that you are NOT with family, today! (you understand).

Thank Him that His love is still working to change each person on earth into one who loves like Jesus loves. That would stop all discord in everyone on earth! No wars of any kind! No family hurts of any kind! Whoa!

Thank Him that even if you are not a Christian, His Word can bring you COMFORT and closer to Him, and to believing on His Son Jesus Christ!

Thank Him that he is “always” committed to making things much better, even great … even if they are already very good. Wow! What a God!!!

Hey, if it’s a bad day this holiday, thank God that it WON’T BE forever. As the Gospel song says “trouble don’t last always”.

… and as God says in his own Words of Psalm 150 verse 6:



So, how ARE you today and tomorrow, Boise?

Your reply:  “I’m thankful”. I’m thanking God.


Concerning family, I cannot lie and pretend that some are not in a situation where Satan is really the head influence upon the family. I, too, have had experience in that. Some are in that condition because the parent or parent responsible for the family has no respect or love for the real Jesus Christ in the Bible. Others are in a family where the influence is worship that talks about Jesus but includes “other things and other powers” as part of their so-called “worship”. Yes, there are even those whose family is with a pastor and the members of the family are “permitted” to do evil to one another with no disciplinary action by the pastor or no reporting it from within the family. When this is the situation, all kinds of hurtful things are happening regularly in that family. Yours is a Satan-influenced or Satan-ruled family. JESUS CHRIST SEES and CARES to get you out of your hurting situation. He came just to UNDO every work of Satan in our lives.

Jesus is waiting for you to call upon him in humble letting go of loyalty to anything and anyone that would drive you or pull you away from Him. He has a good plan for your life … it will show in due season. DUE SEASON ALWAYS COMES.  We can be thankful for that!




Psalm 126:6 King James Version (KJV)

6 He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.





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