Boise Gifted


Authored and sent to Truth Seekers Church for sharing by Linda Harbin — all rights reserved — do not copy in full or in part without our/her express permission.

— Linda is an “On Fire For Jesus” Christian sister, not a member of our church. Behold the Christian gifts throughout Boise! Thank you, Linda.



———–Tares in the Wheat————–

Why? you may ask, does God allow this?
So much sorrow and pain, disease in our midst.

A mystery, it seems, to the simple or wise
How evil can blossom and is much on the rise.

Christ uses the story of Tares in the Wheat
To help and to guide us, His insight complete.

Wheat provides food, grain for bread and much more
Nourishing both the elite, and the poor.

The field is the world, as Jesus explains
The seed that is sown starts out good on these plains

Then Satan comes in sowing chaos called tares
Purposely planting deception and snares.

Tares are the weeds that resemble the grain
They thrive, although noxious, and always cause pain.

Yet God allows both, to prosper and nourish
Both seemingly strong, appearing to flourish.

Together expanding, reaching tall with no lack
Feeding on sun, they believe they’re on track.

Great harvest then comes with a cry and a shout
Gathered up by the angels, the tares are yanked out.

Translated to heaven, we the wheat, His desire
The tares are then bundled and thrust into fire.

Both, to the eyes, looked healthy and strong
But now we can see how the tares were so wrong.

The tares didn’t heed the Word of our Lord
His whispers, His Spirit, they completely ignored.

They tried to deceive, leading others astray
They foolishly thought they could have their own way.

But our God is sovereign, His righteousness rules
His mercy will end, no, He can’t be fooled.

Beware of the tares, of these take no part
Soak in the Word, lodge it deep in your heart.

When the trumpet is blown with a cry and a shout
Look up, here He comes! It’s time to pull out!