Bless Boise Businesses


Thanks! We give thanks to God, first, and thanks to businesses that Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ/Truth Seekers Church has experience with in Boise and the Treasure Valley.

This page is intended to help you reduce the time you must spend searching for what may work for you.

The following businesses have strengthened the wholesomeness of the Boise Region and have strengthened lives and families by their conduct. They can help your life be better as you focus on building family life in Boise Valley. When you need services of all kinds, check this page.

Sorry, we cannot speak for every business, but only concerning those we have had personal experience with. Check back monthly.

To you Boise Business owners … you never know who is admiring your work or grateful for your work! Thank you!

“Sanitary” Restaurants  and … No Liquor Bar Visible To Children

The first place some will go to see what a restaurant is like is their restroom (or any food-focused business, like grocers). If you can smell it at the entrance and lobby, before you even get close to the restroom — what about the food handled!?? What about the eating area? Is it depressing with dull, unclean looking floors and tables? These on the list pass the test in the lobby and in the restroom. More important, these are wholesome (not destroying important core family values) by protecting children and adults from leanings and temptations to “spirits”. Thank you so much!

Cracker Barrel; Chuck-A-Rama; Goldy’s Breakfast Bistro; Original Pancake House on Fairview at Curtis; Chick-Fil-A; The Grove Hotel.

Daily Living Needs: Compassion and No Turmoil In Their Workplaces

Many business owners treat you nice up front when getting your money, but after the sale you are nothing to them. You may not even get the respect of returning your call if something goes wrong with the product or experience you purchased from them. Thank God, some business owners care about you before and after they get your money. These pass the test of treating you good before and after the sale.

Tri-State Electric; Great Floors (on Fairview); Hurless Brothers; Costco; Hillcrest Floral; Idaho Central Credit Union; Northwest Christian Credit Union; Firestone Broadway; Edwards Greenhouse; Gym Outfitters; Plantation Business Center; Home Depot Eagle; Les Schwab Tire (only At Garden City State Street); Restoration Pro Remodeling/Restorations (nobody like them – they set a standard); R.C. Willey at Eagle and Franklin; Angels In Your Corner – west of Curtis on State Street; Gold & Silver Exchange (State Street east of Curtis – provides investment training/counsel)



Clothing According To Holiness

It is almost impossible to find clothing for women that is “holy”/”godly”.

Men don’t have the same restraints or problems seeking to cover their bodies. A man has to go out of his way and choose clothing that is tight-fitting or not modest. Women or so exploited, used, and disrespected that pornography has become the standard even in grocery stores! Women must “go out of their way and the extra miles” just to find ANY clothing, for ANY occasion that is modest. We even have to gothextra mile to avoid clothiers that exploit us!

I, Minister Clark, have found only two places that I can trust (so far) to have modest, beautiful, feminine clothing AND a modest atmosphere to shop in. No female exploitation here:

Cracker Barrel Restaurant (youth and women);

C. J. Banks Clothiers (youth and women)

Some Goodwill locations


If you know of any apparel stores or seamstresses and tailors that can provide clothing that is not clingy and not “exposing”, for men and women, please log in and leave a reply or comment. It will be visited by someone from Truth Seekers Church and listed on this page if it pans out.

We all need each other’s help in this journey!


Business Removals

Another requirement is competence. Some had to be removed from this list because, although they were kind in customer service, they couldn’t do the job or botched the job, or changed in their attitudes and quality of service toward customers.

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