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Should churches stop helping persons in need? Does “get away from here” reveal a new Christian trend emerging around Boise?



There IS a new trend attitude by pastors toward poor, vulnerable, or needy persons — both in church and outside





Recently, a Christian sister and I were discussing Jesus’ commands concerning persons in need versus what we must acknowledge as often failed attitudes and actions by us who represent Jesus when it comes to persons in need. Yet, we remember, there are millions of pastors and Christians in churches who have saved so many. This was a different case. She told me of a church that had a very cold sign out front which got straight to the point — these words are as best I can remember, but they were absent the heart or mind of Jesus Christ and his churches:

“If you want help go to Boise Rescue Mission or Love Inc.”

That’s all it said. I’ve called my friend and when she gets back to me, if there is an adjustment, it will be posted here.

Within a week of her telling me about that sign,  I was worshipping with a church that rents from another church. The church they rent from put this sign up for their own congregation and I saw and took the picture of this different sign at a different church than my friend told me about.  I don’t know the name of the church my friend spoke of.



Is this a new Christian trend from pastors in Boise and Treasure Valley? Is this a turn around from the “everyone welcome” signs that have been used for decades to get people to come into the churches and then join those churches? How does the replacement of ‘everyone welcome’ change marketing for church growth? How does shutting down your help to the needy threaten your 501-c3 tax exempt status as a public service and social charity?



JESUS Christ is, personally, shaking up our view of and conduct of church and ministry.


We must humble ourselves to accept His purposes and His identity for his very own thing which He named “church”.


Expect to see a lot of new Christian trends. God’s changes will be good until “church” as you are familiar — is no more and “church” as Jesus knows it shall become what we know … for some.


Expect to see other new Christian trends that are NOT good. Yet, to fulfill His prophecies, God will allow us to do our own thing in church — although it will not be good. This process weeds out by free-will that God has given us, those who love Jesus in sincerity and those who don’t. Simple.


If you just re-read the New Testament of our Lord Jesus, anyone will be able to see for yourself how far away we have come from what He died and rose for — people directly loving God and one another, in His name (meaning as He does). This poster, the other poster, and many other heart-attitudes (good and bad) will be manifested concerning “church” in these last days before Jesus returns.


An actual message from the Holy Spirit on Jesus shaking up America’s status quo thinking about “church” will be posted later in August or September.

Make it October :).



The Shaking Up. See this message.




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