Apology is a word from the world we all live in. Those of us who have repented of our sins because Jesus requires it before we can be accepted by Him (and even to continue  with Him — John 8:31) do not “apologize”. Instead, we seek forgiveness. All who come under my responsibility as Pastor are taught to not “apologize”, but obey Jesus and seek forgiveness. In Jesus’ Kingdom, He DEMANDS, by command, that we seek for and ask for forgiveness of God and people (1 John 1:1-10).

This page is dedicated to non-Christians. I am asking you, the visiting public, to please forgive me and us Christians in America for some things that Jesus has moved on my heart. As He reveals anything, I will bring it to attention on this page, one by one. Since the page will be too short for the long list of repentance, I will put the second and remaining ones in messages under the category “Forgive Us”. Today is Saturday, November 2, 2019, so wait some weeks before you expect the second repentance message. Just look to your right on this page for “What Is Holy Spirit Saying Now”?

The purpose for this public repentance of behaviors that harm the Name of Jesus that we wear and carry among you is to protect you!


Jesus Christ loves you, died and rose from the dead for YOU.

You “need” Him no matter what you think is wrong with us.

Christ’s love,

Minister Clark



Please Forgive Me and Us Christians


Participation in male/female gender confusion and perversion. Satan is real. He is a fallen angel with malevolent intent against man and “contempt” for God or anything reminding of God. When God created mankind male and female, it was to reveal His nature of love. It requires both male and female to fully express His love for us as creatures made in His image and likeness. We (all mankind) are intended to be called the children of God. When men are taught to, or are led into imitating the nature and expressions of women — whether by outward appearance, behavior, or inward desires (lusts) to have what women have, it is an invisible presence trying to infliltrate our society to pervert the image of the Creator that is in all of us. Certainly, this happens if women do it, too, in trying to imitate men. Where we Christians are supposed to be duty-bound to Jesus as the Creator, but have participated in not making this truth clear with our own attitudes and actions about male and female identity — please forgive me and us. Where we have “enabled” Satan’s ability to destroy those who are his victims in this confusion (by boldly accepting inordinate attitudes and behaviors instead of, lovingly, confronting the person …  or “at least” reproving such behaviors, gently, by refusing association — see Romans 1:31) please forgive me and us Christians in America for letting you down in our duty to Christ Jesus. Our duty to Jesus is important to you because it is His loyalty to your eternal condition that may be questioned by our negligence. This being understood, I want to go on record about my short, man-looking hair (looks like that to me). Forgive me, during the time it takes to grow to normal length for a woman. I had hair down to my upper back,braided as dreadlocks, but it had tangles that could only be cut out. The result is what locals in the Boise region have been seeing, recently. Please know that God (our Creator) has made a clear difference between male and female for love’s sake, and I am doing everything else that I can to represent womanhood while my hair regrows. Yes, I did have emergency hair (wig)  but that was causing other areas of hair-loss and I wanted to “naturally”, glorify my Savior and Lord, for redeeming me from all my sins. If you are in fellowship with Jesus Christ, please, pray for my hair to grow glorifying to Christ  — for all the reasons named above.

Every Christian must be loyal to Jesus Christ in standing (Ephesians 6:12) for separate identity of male and female. With Satan’s bold push to cross these two and show contempt for God’s design from “The Beginning”, please forgive us for helping him do his evil work.

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