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Let’s start with the Lord’s calling. The real Jesus Christ called me to return His people to the simple ways and powers of worshiping Him that the first Christians enjoyed and to their impact of holy fear and reverence for our Lord’s Name:

“Bring my people back to me.” Tell them “come out of the Christian System — come back to ME”.

The Lord Jesus Christ, 1999


The Lord expressed His heart in a word of prophecy directly to me in 1999; in a word of wisdom and prophecy spoken through Holy Spirit-baptized Christians in different American states from 1985 through 1994; in a word of wisdom and word of knowledge spoken at a revival by a Full Gospel evangelist from Virginia in 1993 or 1994; in a word of prophecy and word of knowledge and word of wisdom confessed by a Full Gospel pastor whose membership received it and spoke it to me between 1991 and 1995; in a prophecy spoken in 1984 through a true prophetess from Africa.

All these differing Holy Spirit words were speaking the same message:




“Yes, I am doing a new move in the earth. I’m taking you a completely different way – not the way you’ve been taught, not the familiar. You won’t have many friends in the way I’m taking you. You are one of MY ‘foundation layers’ in my new move — that is why you are misunderstood. You’ve got the vision – “I” gave you that vision, but your ways (methods) are not the ones I’m using. The ways I’m using are NOT the familiar, NOTHING you’ve been taught. Don’t be afraid of the “completely” different way I’m taking you. Your mind keeps getting in my way. You won’t be able to comprehend it with your mind (this new move I am doing in the earth). You must follow your spirit, NOT your mind … and stay in My Word, My Word, My Word!”

These are a compilation of words that the Holy Ghost spoke to me through many Holy Spirit-Baptized Christians to establish my faith for the hard years ahead.

I was pastored in Missouri from 1980 -1985, and publicly set forth in an ordination ceremony in 1987 by my pastor. For Jesus’ love, reverence, and gentleness, he shall remain unnamed because in 1989 he experienced a season of severe burn out.

I thank the Lord for his grace upon my character and use in the Holy Spirit’s powers over these five years that has proven to be biblical confirmation of His hand and authority upon me.

The vision of January 2011


There was an ocean or sea moving with waves … and Jesus was looking down from above and I was placed by Him on a side area to watch these happenings.

As I looked closer, it became evident that the ocean was not water! It was multitudes of people – all ages, all cultures, from all over the earth.

As I looked even closer, it was NOT all ages, it was all adults and all male and female. In fact, the sea of people that I was looking at was the WHOLE EARTH — men and women from all over the world. These men and women had their hands raised — waving — that’s why the ocean or sea was “moving”. Their  voices were crying out agonizingly saying: “JESUS! Help! Help! Jesus! Help”!

I learned that it was so many pastors and preachers that it looked from a distance like a giant ocean “moving” as these pastors waved their hands at Jesus. The Lord looked on … but turned to me with tears in his throat and said:



“Many of my pastors who have done great works ‘in the eyes of the community’  — WILL go to Hell. So keep yourself from all forms of self-promotion.”

The Lord Jesus Christ’s vision, 2011


From this vision had confirming Holy Scriptures in James 3:1; Matthew 7:13-29; Revelation chapters 1-3 AND chapter 22; especially verses 12-15 in chapter 22. From this vision, I began to preach the warning below to myself and to preachers visiting Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ/Truth Seekers Church in person; also to those visiting via the websites; and to those I meet in the course of daily life.

The severity of this vision moved my heart to study revelation from the Lord on a passage we take for granted in James 3:1. The passage is usually taught from man’s idea of grace. As you try to find your place in church activities and service, or try to find your purpose  as a Christian … don’t covet to be a teacher because teachers are held to a higher standard of judgment by people. Holy Spirit revealed to me Jesus’ deeper thoughts (1 Corinthians 2:10) in the passage and the severity this Word:



There is a special place in Hell for preachers.”

The Lord Jesus Christ

by revelation to Minister Clark, 2011


Judas is someone who began as a preacher of Jesus — even an apostle — but did not continue in his place. He ended his life as shipwrecked. He ended his life as a castaway — a reject – rejected by the Lord God. 1 Corinthians 9:27, 1 Timothy 1:19

Judas continued to the last night hanging around Jesus and the other preachers — pretending to be one with them in belief and cause, but God (the Father, the Word, the Holy Spirit) could see into the heart of Apostle, Pastor, Preacher, FRIEND — Judas Iscariot.

Judas “chose” to never judge the accumulating lies which Satan kept suggesting into his mind. At any point along the years, Judas could have said to himself “what I’m thinking is sin. I stop it, right now”. Instead, Judas’ unwillingness to love truth damned him to take words and actions that fought to destroy the Lord! 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12

I am STRICT with myself and those who choose to obey me as the Lord’s prophet, evangelist, and their pastor. Why? It is because I love them! I LOVE TO PROTECT THEM from slipping — then falling, down, down, down from the Lord’s high and narrow road … down to the road that our former-laborer and former brother, Judas Iscariot (and others) took to Hell and the Lake of Fire and Brimstone.

This holy calling that we have is dangerous and sober.  I have failed the Lord in the past and can promise any of us that“we need to serious-up.” The road down starts with talking and acting lightly, humorously, comically, or commonly about our fearsome — but loving Lord Jesus.

It is said in this world that “familiarity breeds contempt”. Observe the landscape of Christian preaching, Christian brethren, Christian literature, Christian Worship songs and you will see that it is true that our familiarity with Jesus has changed our reverence for him into a contemptible treating God lightly, comically, and cheap behavior. Although we were left in this world only for the purpose of representing Him in love to one another and to the lost, our “worship” has descended into what the Bible calls “strange fire”. Our preaching and teaching works within that strange fire and, often, seeks to effect hearers with an emotional and mental response devoid of God’s authentic power that convinces of sin and effects a “scriptural” repentance.

I am so grateful to be a part of whatever this holy move will look like in America  and what it will change in the churches, PLUS the “pure” salvations from sin that will result whenever Jesus is finished doing this “new move in the earth”.

As I do my foundation-laying role, it delights my heart to see others laboring in roles Jesus has given them and laboring to fulfill what He has told them to do! It feeds my spirit great strength to experience brethren who have heard the Holy Spirit and are paying the costs of separation and faithfulness so they become tried spiritual warriors whom Satan fears. We all labor for the real Jesus Christ!






Summary Writing, February 3, 2020

A Holy Spirit-Baptized prophet, evangelist, and pastor. Chosen in 1983 (Missouri) publicly ordained 1987 (Illinois.)

Sent by Jesus and his Holy Spirit on multiple hardship travels as prophet and evangelist preaching Christ’s command “Come out of the Christian System. Come back to Me” and pastoring Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ/Truth Seekers Church in several states.

Commanded by Christ to settle permanently in Boise, Idaho to “plant in this soil” a start-up church for Christians who  “want only Jesus “ (Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ/Truth Seekers Church) and to obey the Lord Jesus to deliver Christians in Boise from their entanglement in Mormonism.

Went public on internet July 2019 publishing https://truthseekereschurch.net and first public classes began three months ago the end of October, 2019.




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