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Acts Chapters 1-3

There are only two categories of Christians in the earth, Pentecostal or Non-Pentecostal.


Christians who obey Jesus in the same faith that the first Christians did:

Expecting and seeking to be baptized in the same miracle power by Jesus Christ that the first Christians were commanded by Him to expect and receive.

JESUS “baptizes in The Holy Spirit” to initiate a Christian into His realm of miracles for normal life with God and with the same proof the first Christians had —  the initial miracle evidence of other tongues (Holy Spirit-given spiritual languages). These things fulfilled on the day of Pentecost. Hence, the name “Pentecostal”.


Non-Pentecostal (sometimes called “Mainline”)

Christians who reject, doubt, or preach against Jesus’ Baptism (Baptism in the Holy Spirit by Jesus with the initial miracle evidence of spiritual languages from the Spirit of God), These things produce a diluted version of the Gospel of salvation accepting as aging or natural science all the evil powers that Satan launches against mankind.


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For JESUS: Spread His Words!
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