The Sin of Preeminence

Jesus Loves The Humble

Today’s message from The Holy Spirit is intended to humble us who are Pastors and keep us in our places versus us getting out of order with God. Sometimes we can take too much upon ourselves BEYOND THE SCOPE OF THE CALLING GOD ASSIGNED. To avoid the promised judgment coming upon Pastors in Jesus’ next move in the earth of revival, renewal, refreshing,  this message comes to avoid the “ungodly” Preacher-Preeminence .

It is a lie, preacher, that we have a preeminent authority from the Lord concerning His callings to the brethren. It is a lie by which satan causes us to meddle in Jesus’ business with another Christian and to interfere in Jesus’ calling to a brother or sister.

A false doctrine exists, taught by us as a doctrine from God —  that a person has to get their Pastor’s permission and release before aceepting a call from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Minister Clark


The ungodly preeminence doctrine is an excruciating pride in us as Pastors. God has never given any person the authority of granting permission, requiring consultation, granting release, or even “giving you my blessing” when it comes to God calling a person to do anything for Him.


“The Faith

Our “faith” of pleasing Almighty God begins with Abraham. Let’s start with him:

Abram did not need to (first) go get a release and the blessing of his father, Terah, before leaving him and the entire family, kinfolk, and country to do God’s call. He did inform Terah that he was leaving. God did not consider Abram as disrespectful for not acknowleging his father’s position as head of the people. No one will God treat as worthy of respect and submission above His own position as God. Terah was never going to receive that! God does not ask permission of Terah nor any others in history.

Moses did not have to, first, get a release and a blessing from his wife Zipporah, nor father-in-law Jethro to leave and do God’s call. He did inform them that he was leaving. God does not ask permission of Zipporah, nor of Jethro.

Samuel, obeying God, went to anoint David to be king. Jesse wasn’t even open to the idea. He did not call David inside with the rest of the boys for consideration! Actually, this misdeed was Jesse’s form of choosing whom God could anoint; it was his subtle form of “granting his permission and release of his boys.” Samuel had to ask “Do you have any other sons”? Then, David did not PAUSE, get his father’s permission and release, THEN receive the anointing oil of GOD upon his head — God (through the Prophet) just did it, and it was done. God does not ask permission of Jesse.

Let us look at the Lord’s very first preachers, of which we are in the number after them, the twelve apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Not one of those Jesus called (the twelve) had to ( first) get prermission, or get released, “get my blessing” from someone before they could separate from whomever, stop whatever, and leave to, immediately, obey Jesus calling them to do something with Him. Jesus NEVER asks permission of the one he appointed  to authority to grant HIM authority to use His stuff! The one Jesus appointed stays in his/her place of knowing “I am only His servant, He chose me; He is not mine … I did not choose Him (John 15:16). Even when Jesus used the man’s donkey to ride through Jerusalem … Jesus NEVER asked his “permission”. He told the disciple to just tell the man, “when asked why are you messing with my donkey” — “Tell him, the Lord hath need of him” and he will, surely, LET HIM GO.

In fact, IT IS CLEARLY POINTED OUT IN SCRIPTURE — James and John just up and dropped what they were doing working with their father, Zebedee, and left their father! No permission, release, or “may I have your blessing father”? Zebedee saw them go!

Mat 4:21-23
21  And going on from thence, he saw other two brethren, James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother, in a ship with Zebedee their father, mending their nets; and he called them.
22  And they immediately left the ship and their father, and followed him.
23  And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people.

I highlight verse 23 in bold because the Holy Ghost is bearing witness with my spirit that this excruciating pride of Preacher-Preeminence –in God’s Pastors  — is binding the people of God from “freely obeying their Lord”. This bondage of the brethren by Pastors is why Jesus cannot “freely” do the teachings that transform, the healings that make completely whole, the deliverances that end consistent sin and other miracles the world needs! By this false doctrine, we have not only bound the people of God, but hindered the Gospel!


What Preminence Looks, Feels, and Sounds Like

The following three verses give us a full picture of the character of preeminence. It is about having superiority or wanting to be first in man’s consult, admiration, or subjection, or estimation in comparison to others. Note that ONLY JESUS  really IS  preeminent!

Ecclesiastes 3:19  For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that a man hath no preeminence above a beast: for all is vanity.

3John 1:9-11
9  I wrote unto the church: but Diotrephes, who loveth to have the preeminence among them, receiveth us not.
10  Wherefore, if I come, I will remember his deeds which he doeth, prating against us with malicious words: and not content therewith, neither doth he himself receive the brethren, and forbiddeth them that would, and casteth them out of the church.
11  Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God.

Colossians 1:18  And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.


Godly versus Ungodly Preeminence

Godly Preeminence

The dangerous confusion that satan can bring to any of us (and satan IS the author of this kind of confusion about preeminence in the churches) is perverting God’s word from the heart of God and twisting it into some other motive or “interpretation”.

For example, Jesus, as Head of every church has “given” to His preachers, men and women, A”GODLY PREEMINENCE” (God-Given) preeminence — an authority from Jesus Christ, Himself to “hear” him in deciding the directions for the brethren who are under their spiritual responsibility.

This kind of preeminence is the authority of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers in our churches, today, and is explained in Ephesians 4:11 and again in 1 Corinthians 12:28.

Godly Preeminence exists! We have godly preeminence from JESUS!  He commands us to “desire” spiritual gifts in 1 Cor 14:1. We should WANT to have the preeminence that goes with the gift so we can do our responsibility. We have been “given” godly preeminence in the affairs of the church by Christ — and not by the people. It is important that you understand, Pastor, that you do not get your authority and being first consult on things from the members … because then you will understand why the “sin of preeminence” (ungodly preeminence) rises in the hearts of your opposers in the church! Also, it will keep you in your place of knowing God does not get permission from YOU to call out of your church family any member He wants to! You and I will be able to see the same “sin of preeminence” arising in our hearts, too — and shut it down!!!

Minister Clark

1Cor 12:28  And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.

Eph 4:10-12
10  He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens, that he might fill all things.)
11  And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;
12  For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:

In both Ephesians and Corinthians we see that JESUS has positioned these preachers “first” in authority and “second” in authority, and so on. These preachers carry out the superiorty  (preeminence) of Jesus Christ, Himself, over his own churches!  We carry out Jesus’ will and commands to the churches we are responsible for! Yet, that is the beginning and end of our authority! You know that you have already set up (ungodly) “preeminence” in your heart the first time you refer to Christ’s church that he, mercifully, allowed and appointed you to — calling it “my church or my people”. Beware!


Ungodly Preminence

As ususal, satan mimics the godly things that Christ establishes in the churches for Himself and for our good. Satan attempts to make a perversion of it for his own evil  work.

So, it is satan who works to tempt and move ANY Christian to want for persons in the church to consult with them first or  GET THEIR APPROVAL (FIRST) before making decisions or taking actions. This is a sin — the sin of wanting a preeminence “that God did not give you”! This is the preeminence ( in 3 John 1 verse 19) that Pastor Diotrephes coveted against Peter.


This sin of coveting, lusting, wanting, yearning for preminence that Jesus did not give you does manifest itself in the hearts of members in any church. So, we must humble ourselves to be willing to agree with the Lord if He shows it to any of us in our church families.

Preeminence (ungodly preeminence) manifests itself in the members when they are whiners and complainers at the righteous things the Pastor is doing to please Jesus. When members who should be thankful and esteem you (like youth should esteem elders — older men and women by age and experience in the Holy Ghost), and instead begin to think they know God as well as you do …  that’s preeminence.

They may know a lot of Scripture and have many experiences with God — but they CANNOT know God as well as you do! Even if you fell away from God, until they no both the gentleness AND the severity of the Almighty, they CANNOT know God AS YOU  (their “God-Given”) Pastor knows God. Even today, it would be SIN for you or I to think we know God as well as David does, or Moses, or one of the Twelve just because we’ve read their letters and had a few satanic battles! Amen! Foolishness! Arrogance! Preminence …

These kind of church members disrespect you and you can’t tell them anything. These always end up in sin and sometimes never make it back to our Lord. Sadly, I was one of those stupid/foolish youth. Thank you Jesus! He pulled me back with much grace and patience … and I have “never” left him again! Now, I am the aged who, with fear AND humility, loves and counsels the younger.

Ungodly preeminence manifests in the hearts of deacons and deaconesses. Sometimes, Deacon Dick or Deaconness Jane cease, in their heart, to be content to serve and minister to the Pastor — and through the Pastor — to the people. They “take too much upon themselves”.  By changing their hearts, like Absalom toward  David, they seek (while laboring under the authority of the Pastor) to steal the hearts of the members for getting a faction to themselves. Praise Jesus! I was NEVER one of those! Hallelujah!

The sin of ungodly preeminence shows in the hearts of affluent brothers and sisters (rich or having positions in “the world”) and those considered successful businessmen or businesswomen “in the world”. Sadly, due to IRS laws for 501c3 letters, Pastors often start the Lord’s work by making up a board of just these kind of Christians — some may not even choose Christians.

These Christians are tempted to an attitude that seeks control of the Lord’s Pastor. They want preeminence in doing things the way “they know” from how they succeeded “in the world”. They consider the Pastor a country bumpkin who “needs” their guidance. Never mind what the Holy Ghost is doing and saying! If Joshua had listened to those kind, the wall of Jericho might have remnants standing today! Surely, there will always be intelligent ways of the world to fulfill the plan of God. Too bad, for those, God likes to take the foolish and base things to show their wisdom to be nothing and show Himself GLORIOUS. Oh, well.



Young Samuel did not have to, first, get Eli’s permission and a blessing to do God’s call. Eli had sense enough to “stay in his place” and not interfere/intercept God’s business with Samuel. In fact, he helped him by telling him “next time, say ‘speak Lord’ for your servant heareth'”. God’s first assignment to the young Prophet was to give a message to the man that taught him the ways of God — Eli! He was not even willing to inform Eli. However, Eli “encouraged Samuel to obey what God had told him to do!

The only response that a godly Pastor should have toward a brother or sister who says, “Pastor, I have to leave. The Lord is calling me to _______ (fill in the blank)” … is ENCOURAGE THEM and WELCOME THEM BACK WITH A SHEPHERDS LOVING HEART IF THEY FIND THEY ERRED!


Victims of Preacher-Preeminence

For you brothers and sisters who have been the victims of Preacher-Preeminence, remember what the Apostle John did when Jesus called him:

The call of the Lord Jesus is CLEAR with confirmations from the Holy Scriptures and events, both of them. If it’s just a strong idea in your head, you will be looking back the rest of your life. That is not a “calling”. Up the road, you WILL quit. Only a “CALL” from God, Himself, is what we are preaching about in this message today.

He got no release or “blessing” from his father, Zebedee (who may have been very opposed because Zebedee may have wanted John to stay and continue helping his success in the business. Preachers with ungodly preeminence may want you to delay or disobey the call of Jesus Christ so you can continue helping them grow or whatever else.

John did not confer with father-Zebedee (or today’s spiritual father/mother on the phone or meet at a convenient time to “submit” to getting their release). Paul said to King Agrippa that when he experienced Jesus Christ calling him to do a thing, “IMMEDIATELY”, I CONFERRED NOT WITH FLESH AND BLOOD. Paul, nor you, are required by God to go to any man as a matter of “submission” to get release, consultation, or blessing and WITHOUT WHICH YOU INTEND TO NOT OBEY GOD UNTIL YOU DO???

He and his brother James separated from father-Zebedee, leaving him.

John and James, IMMEDIATELY, left and followed JESUS.

John and James did not look back!

 This John wrote 3 John Chapter 3.



The gifts and callings of God are without His repenting of  calling/cboosing you — YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE IN THE JUDGMENT DAY.



Pastors, we are satan’s other victims of the pride of Preacher-Preeminence. Let us remember that.

No Pastor has ANY authority in the area of JESUS’ calling a brother or sister under our authority. Our authority ends there. Remeber our Lord’s frightening words to Peter as he wanted some input into what John was doing — who wasn’t even under Peter’s watch: “What is that to you”? [Paraphrase Mine] “WHAT BUSINESS IS THAT OF YOURS. MIND YOUR OWN”!

Encourage them and let them go, lest we find ourselves “fighting against God”!  Gently and firmly warn them and let them go if you “KNOW” the brother or sister is in error … and make sure you “KNOW”. Even Jesus let disciples go, honoring their own free will and conscience; but simply asked the twelve “will you leave me too”.

No Pastor has authority from JESUS to command a brother or sister to do a work in the church or outside “mission” for Jesus Christ. Stop “calling” men and women by your own authority to do things you think you need for “your ministry” to grow. If Jesus, the Head isn’t calling them, don’t you step into His place and INVENT A MINISTRY. Today’s churches are filled with “official” callings and positions that are not given by Jesus ANYWHERE in the New Testament — and are NOWHERE in the entire Holy Bible!

No Pastor has authority from JESUS to forbid a brother or sister under our authority to delay or disobey fulfilling their call from Jesus Christ — inventing steps they must gothrough before you approve them for release.

Jesus will NEVER ask us — Pastor, father, mother, spiritual father or spiritual mother for our permission to “let” a member do what He commands them to do!

This, particular, man-made “protocol”  (and others)  is deeply steeped in our modern day Pastors, but was nowhere in the Gospels and acts of God that followed all the way up to Revelation. It was nowhere done in the OLD Testament, either, and the New (Scripture says) is a “better” covenant.

Whether Preacher-Preeminence or Member-Preeminence remember the warning of Apostle John in 3 John 1:11 …

11  Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God.